To establish SHOP ā€˜nā€™ EARN as a brand in the industry and to achieve utmost satisfaction of our associates or customers and build an everlasting relationship with them. By serving them with a common goods used by them in kitchen and for other purposes. We are also committed to give them a utmost support, so that they can serve their team in best way and give their efforts in a direction for the exponential growth of their entrepreneurship.

We operate through a streamlined procedure where our registered distributors introduce new customers to the company and get them registered in the customer network. By doing so, they get monetary benefits by selling products and also become entitled to various other income opportunities, like matching income, matching bonus, international tour income, repurchase income and much more. Apart from that the distributors get the company product services at discounted price.


We are hoping to achieve our vision by giving a platform to our associates to join us and work, after sometime they will be able to get such an amount of commission every month so that they can free from household needs. They do not have any needs to another work. Our associates will only work for their Dreams. We offer you value for your services and sole aim of business is sales of the goods. We do not offer easy money/get rich quick schemes. We are not a ponzi scheme/pyramid scheme/chit fund/investment company. To become a direct seller, any entry fee, registration fee, enrolment fee, membership fee etc. is not required.